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New Car Buying Tips

 New Car Buying Tips

Buying new car is really a tough job which cannot be done easily for that we need to get detailed information through various means such as going to shop by shop or through internet. Nowadays searching information through internet is the easiest, fastest and reliable means in this online world. is the best option for you because this is the one which is committed in making deal of car simplified by each and every means. The main target of is to make car buying a pleasant experience. You will be able to buy a new car by following the step by step process and your bank account won't be deplete with the monthly payments as well.

We can find most people are frightened by the plenty of the choice and prospect of having deal with salesman, but I think if we make our mind and prepare ourselves by knowing exactly what we want and how much we spend. We can easily go to the dealership and let them know why we're here for. Besides that online quote systems are another easy ways to know more about what's out there and how much we should be paying. Websites like,, and use an easy form to let you pick out the cars. If you wish to know about the fords, is an excellent resource for free quotes. Besides quotes we can also buy the car through this website.

While buying new car recalls and defects are always concern. Many of us don't have any idea what is the defect or why do they do a recall? Understanding a recall or defect on your car may save you a great deal of money. In the case of recall on your car, the dealership where you have bought, it will fix the recalled part for free. If you don’t know about this you might be out of money that you have paid to get the p[art fix elsewhere.

  • New car buyers can choose the color of their car, trim color, engine, transmission and many other accessories but used car buyers don’t have  any of these options.
  • New car buyers have reassuring backups of the new car  warranty so they know that if anything goes wrong they won't be up for big repair bills, anyone buying used car will also have warranty but it won't be for long as new one.


Negotiating with dealers

  • Before buying car, we must do some homework on market value so that we know the value of a car that we are buying.
  • We must arrange the finance before going shopping, but we must not tell the dealer because dealer will often cut the price of the car believing they will make money on finance.
  • We should visit numbers of dealer and compare the price before making commitment rather than settle on first car we inspect.
  • Look for the dealer well stocked with a car you want and he will be more prepared to deal.
  • Shopping should be done towards the end of the month when the dealers are looking to get their quotes up.


Financing your wheels

  • No one will be able to handover a bundle of cash to pay for the car; we all need finance to purchase.
  • Be sure before you have a car how much you afford to pay and how much you afford to repay.
  • Never use credit card to pay for the car because interest rates is generally very high on credit cards.
  • Many banks offers finance at cheaper rate than dealers.
  • Independent finance companies specializing in car finance often have lowest interest.
  • Shop around to save money.
  • Never finance through dealers because it is very expensive, they will make a profit on the deal so never go through middle man and go straight to source of finance.


Where to buy

  • We must buy car from the dealers because they will give you warranty which will give you some resource if something goes wrong with the car.
  • We can buy car privately but it is somewhat risky for the credulous. To search for private party car log on to


Before you buy a car ask yourself

  • What kind of driving do you do?
  • Off road? Around town?
  • What features matter to you?
  • Air-con? Safety? Power?
  • What's your price range?
  • Where will you be parking?
  • Do you have a garage or only on-street parking?
  • What kind of insurance can you afford?


11 Questions to Help You Make the Right Choice

Before buying a new car which fits your needs you can ask these 11 questions with dealers.

  1.  Do I prefer a domestic or an import brand? Does it matter?
  2. Do I need (or just want) a large new car, a medium-sized new car -- or a small one?
  3. Do I need (or just want) a vehicle with rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive or some sort of all-wheel-drive/4x4 system?
  4. Do I prefer a soft ride, a firm, "sporty" ride -- or something in-between?
  5. How important is power/performance? Do I need (or just want) a new car that can do 150 mph?
  6. Do I need (or just want) a vehicle that can carry cargo? How much?
  7. What kind of gas mileage is acceptable -- and what's not? Is my personal "tipping point" at least 28 mpg -- or is 16 mpg OK if the car otherwise meets my needs?
  8. How about safety? Are crash-test scores very important? The presence (or absence) of features like side-curtain air bags, stability control and brake assist?
  9. What level of warranty coverage meets my expectations? Is three years/36,000 miles enough? Or is the minimum five years/50,000 miles?
  10. Is resale/trade-in value a big consideration? Some brands hold their value much better than others.
    Your answers to the above will automatically exclude a number of makes/models, narrowing your pool of possible candidates considerably. Now the biggest question:
  11. How much do you want to spend?
    Never plan to buy a new car without thoroughly figuring out before hand the maximum amount of money you're comfortable spending and stick to it. Be sure to include everything on the bottom line which means finance charges, interest, and taxes, insurance you will need to spend to own and drive the car.


It is strongly recommended that you insist on a test drive at least an hour or two before buying a new car, otherwise you're buying a pig in a poke which means to have seat that are too hard, and engine that's too noisy, a transmission that's too hard for you to shift smoothly.

Most dealers will accommodate a buyer's request for a test drive. If the dealer refuses to allow a test drive move to the next dealers. And be sure to take test drive without salesman riding with you.

Whichever make or model you end up driving home you're bound to buy a new car that's right for you.