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Long haired guinea pigs


Long haired guinea pig






Long-haired guinea pigs are lovely however their coats do need frequent attention. Their wild hair can easily turn into matted and twisted causing in it dragging skin, getting tainted by pee and dung, plus in the even worst can be infested by maggots and cause serious skin conditions.


If you desire to adopting a long haired guinea pig they should require proper grooming at least every second day and every week cutting to make sure they are secure. We keep all of our lengthy hair properly trimmed about their base region to ensure they don't get pee soaked coats and usually joyful and relaxed so their incredible hair doesn't inhibit their common actions.


Long-haired guineas also require washing every once in awhile  while they can't groom his or her own locks and make them selves clean and clear.


Long-haired guinea pigs are man made by particular propagation and wouldn't live inside the wild, their coat just keeps growing and may arrive at incredible measures! When these guinea hogs are shown it's needed that their hair is unbroken from birth and also to keep curly hair unbroken the guinea pigs are 'wrapped'. Basically their hair is completely put into rollers (made from home hand towel) to maintain it in present situation. When kept 'in coat' they're an incredible look - basically appearing like long-haired wigs when prepared for displaying!




When you initially get a pet, you will need to expend about $35 to get a cage. Foods expends about $75 annually, in addition $25 yearly for toys and goodies, $50 for the yearly veterinarian check-up and $400 annually for litter and bedding materials. We suggest having your guinea pig from the dependable breeder or, more desirable, adopting 1 from the animal shelter or small-animal rescue team.


Pet Housing


Guinea pigs are societal creatures preferring to reside in small groups. If you keep 2 or more females together, they'll turn into good friends. If you would like two males, it’s wise to select two babies from the exact same kitty. Because guinea pigs, like several rodents, grow quickly, keeping males and females together isn't suggested.


As a rule, you will need to supply no less than 4 sq . ft . of cage living space for each guinea pig - but you should attempt to get as big a cage as you can. You will need to have flat surface cage no wire used in floor. Never ever use a glass aquarium, due to bad air flow which it provides.


Keep the cage indoors far from breezes and severe temperature, as guinea pigs are extremely prone to heatstroke. They will like an atmosphere kept at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Set the base of the cage with aspen or hard wood shavings as well as other type of secure bedding, like grass hay. Don't use cedar plank or pine chips—the natural oils they contain could be harmful to the pets. (P.S. Yes, you are able to teach a guinea pig to use a litter box—but please be aware that it will need time and effort!)


Guinea pigs like to hide whenever they play, so make sure to location card board pipes and/or empty coffee cans with smoothed edges within the enclosure for this reason. Plastic material pipes and floral containers are great, also, and brick and rocks for climbing might be a lot appreciated. All guinea pigs require a cave for asleep and relaxing, so make sure you provide a medium-sized floral pot or covered resting box, easily available at any pet stores.




Professional guinea pig pellets need to make up the qty of your pet diet. Nutritionally complete, they are available at pet supply outlets, and are manufactured from plants, seed and vegetables. Give food to your guinea pigs two times a day, each morning and at evening.



The ASPCA suggests providing small quantities of clean fruit and veggies to your guinea pigs each day. Try out fruit, cucumbers, corn, peas, carrots and pears. Half a handful of veggies and a slice of fresh fruit per pig is plenty. Always make sure to clean up any leftover fresh food before it spoils. You’ll also need to make grass hay available to your pets at all times. It’s great for the digestive system, and will also satisfy your pet’s need to gnaw.

 Common Treatment : We ought to remove soiled bedding, droppings and stale foodstuff in the cage day by day. Cage really should be cleaned totally the moment per week eradicating dirty bedding and scrubbing bottom with the cage with heat h2o. Their teeth develop continually so we ought to deliver branches and twigs from untreated trees that haven’t been addressed with chemical substances to gnaw on all the moments.
We should really permit them operate around in a very compact place or enclosed place to get some more physical exercise just about every day. They must be supervised whenever they are cost-free given that they will chew anything inside their path which includes electrical wires. Guinea pigs need to brushed every day in an effort to avert tangles and knots from forming.
VETERINARY Care: Sneezing, coughing, diarrhea and lethargy are the popular sign that guinea pig is sick. They can be prone to exterior parasites these as mites and lice. We really should head to vet for treatment if the pet is infested.
- Solid bottom cage with wire cover or plastic bottom.
- Guinea pig pellets
- Aspen or hardwood shavings
- Grass hay
- Bricks, rocks, cardboard bins, plastic pipes.
- Medium flowerpot or coated sleeping box.
- Brush and comb for grooming.
- Attachable water bottle with drinking tube.
- Unpaintable, untreated bit of wooden or safe and sound chew toys.
Why adopt instead of get?
There are numerous advantages of adopting guinea pigs. Right here is just a few-
- Adoptable guinea pigs are correctly sexed. A rescue group won’t deliver you household with mixed intercourse pair thinking you are alternatively leaving using a exact intercourse pair.
- Adoptable guinea pigs have top-notch treatment. Gurus knows the signs of long-term illness and wont send pig out which they have got doubt about their recent health.
- A rescue group will not likely send out a expecting guinea dwelling with adopter simply because they know there’s superior likelihood she’d been around an unneutered male, she’ll be put on being pregnant view being a precaution.
- Rescue group have guinea of all ages, it usually means we could locate guinea of ideal age. We can easily find the suitable match regardless of whether it is smooth spot for seniors or full-grown guinea for youths.
- Rescue group has numerous quantities of guineas. So if you need two, you could find two who currently get along terrific.
An excellent rescue is just not going to let you get in more than your head. The principal concern is welfare of our animals and powerful defenders and advocates for them. If we believe adopters want even more details and schooling or believe guinea pig is going to be too much for an already overloaded home, we’re likely to possess diplomatic but firm coronary heart to heart discuss with you. So if you’re planning to convey guinea pigs into your own home, make sure you give a rescued animal a 2nd probability.